Advertisers with Communities across Canada

WC Media will deliver your message to millions of Canadians, by strategically integrating it into their daily lives.

WC Media’s national network of public libraries, healthcare providers, restaurants, and student libraries has proven that it makes that connection. WC Media can do this for you!

WC Media specializes in developing advertising instruments for distribution in public and private institutions. These product include Bookmarks, Due Date Receipts, Posters, Postcards and Promotional Items which we can distribute in our extensive network of Public Libraries, Post-Secondary Schools, Medi-Centres, Restaurants and Cafes across Canada.

The Right Network

Schools and public libraries are greatly respected venues for the distribution of public service and corporate promotion messages. WC Media is the leader in harnessing the power of these venues.

We've been growing our advertising network for nearly 20 years, and with over 2300 network partners, WC Media can distribute your message across Canada.

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The Right Advertising Products

Since our inception in 1995, WC Media has developed proven advertising products that works in reaching key demographics.

These products include: bookmarks, due date receipts / till tapes, postcards, posters, electronic media, promotional items, and more.

Our advertising products work because we put your message directly into people’s hands.

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Exclusive Access

WC Media has secured distribution agreements with over 2300 public libraries nationwide. Additionally, WC Media has developed a network of medical clinics, restaurants and student libraries from Grades 1 – 12 to post-secondary.

Your message needs the right network. Please browse this website to see the products we carry and find out more about our advertising distribution network across Canada. Connect with WC Media and we’ll connect you to diverse communities across Canada.

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