Why Advertisers Connect With WC Media

WC Media is a national company committed to helping our clients get their message out to millions of Canadians every day. We can deliver your message through our extensive distribution network which includes public libraries, student libraries, medical facilities and restaurants.

The advertising clients we serve include federal and provincial governments across Canada, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses looking to reach out to the communities they serve.

Our key advertising products are unique and effective in reaching key demographic targets.

Our Beginnings, Our Growth

We have evolved over the past 18 years from a simple postcard printing and distributing company, to an national advertising distribution network for both public and private industry. Today, our advertising services reach across Canada, with networks partners in many cities.

We attribute our growth to our spirit of innovative and a commitment to our clients. We run our business with a personal touch. Success begins with good service.

Green Advertising

Your commitment to eco-friendly advertising is just one more good reason to choose WC Media. Since 2008, all of the printing for our advertising products has been done with vegetable-based inks and FSC Certified printers.