Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA)

Grade School Network

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse’s goal was to reach Canadian youth to promote their programs and to reduce alcohol and drug-related harm.

CCSA awarded the contract to Wild Cards Advertising for the following reasons:

  • Wild Cards’ demonstrated ability to reach their exact target market of youths in Canada through schools and public libraries
  • Schools and public libraries are a greatly respected venues for public service messages
  • The media carrying the CCSA message is placed directly in the hands of their required audience
  • The message is kept and referenced well after the campaign delivery date
  • Wild Cards bookmark campaigns are a proven, cost-effective way to advertise

Wild Cards’ Key Tasks Included:

  • Printing and distributing bilingual CCSA bookmarks on youth drug prevention to students in grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 across Canada.
  • Obtaining all necessary approvals from school boards in order to ensure the distribution of all bookmarks directly to the students.
  • Collecting tracking information to ensure delivery of all bookmarks to this exact target market.
  • Following-up with all necessary school boards and individual schools to solidify commitment to distribute bookmarks to the students.
  • Coordinating the printing and distribution of all bookmarks by an agreed date.


The campaign greatly increased awareness of Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and their efforts to prevent the harms related to drug and alcohol abuse. The CCSA was very happy with the service provided by Wild Cards and the success of the campaign.

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