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In April 2010, the Government of Saskatchewan began its’ yearly campaign to promote fire hazard awareness. Following the success of their 3 previous Wild Cards campaigns, they decided to promote their “FireSmart” program by distributing their message our bookmarks throughout Saskatchewan Public Libraries.


- Increase public awareness of seasonal fire hazards; Reach rural and urban Saskatchewan; Promote their “Spot a Wildfire 1–800 number; Increase traffic to their informational web pages.


Advertise throughout the province to reach the greatest number of targeted residents; Increase brand awareness through exclusive ads and media placement within public libraries of Saskatchewan; Increase web traffic by featuring a links to their site on bookmarks with their eye-catching artwork.


More than 200,000 Saskatchewan residents were directly handed the bookmarks promoting the Government’s “FireSmart” message.

Client Testimonial

“For the past 7 years, we have used Wild Cards for many of our Ministry’s campaigns (Fire Awareness, Anti Idling, GoGreen) and we are extremely happy with the success of the advertising. The service and the product were second to none. What better way to reach the public all throughout Saskatchewan but through a library!”

Andrea Busse
Production Manager
Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

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