Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)

Post-Secondary Network

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is an independent Agency of the Government of Canada with a dual mandate: to inform and protect consumers on financial matters.

The FCAC chose Wild Cards to implement an advertising campaign to make the most of the current public interest for financial matters and educate the open minds of Canadians.


The objective of this advertising campaign was to reach young Canadians to increase their awareness of financial matters and FCAC‘s tools and publications.

Their specific target market was young adults aged 18 to 25 experiencing their first encounter with the world of credit and financial decisions. To reach this market, Wild Cards focused efforts on post-secondary libraries across the country. New university students need to learn financial skills as they are over-solicited by different companies to register for credit cards and sign cell phone contracts; all in addition to their student loans. The FCAC wants to be accessible to students to raise their confidence and empower them to take comtrol of their finances and make better-informed decisions.

The FCAC‘s purpose for the campaign was twofold: 1) Get recognition from young Canadians as a reliable and useful source of financial information and 2) Create an engagement from them to come back and consult FCAC material online.


A print campaign positioning the Agency in specific student media through Wild Cards national student bookmark distribution network.


Wild Cards provided the FCAC with strong exposure in the university libraries and college networks across Canada. Thousands of young students were directly handed the FCAC‘s message.

Pleased with our service, product and overall campaign, the FCAC will be working with Wild Cards on future campaigns.

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