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Public Safety Canada chose Wild Cards to provide planning, production, distribution and management of the “72 Hours: Is your family prepared?” safety initiative campaign.

Target Audience

The main targeted audience was parents in urban communities – skewed towards women – who were between the ages of 35 and 54 with children up to the age of 17 years and from modest to middle income families.

Key Messages:

  • Every Canadian has a role to play, and should be ready to cope with her/his own family for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency
  • By assembling or purchasing an emergency preparedness kit, we take a responsible and necessary step toward protecting ourselves and our families from all types of emergencies
  • Call to Action: Prepare an emergency kit


The campaign was designed to improve Canada’s overall readiness to prepare dor and respond to an emergency by mobilizing the target audience to take practical steps to prepare for emergencies, and to encourage others to follow suit.


Wild Cards distributed a dual campaign featuring both bookmarks and due date receipts through public libraries across Canada, reaching Public Safety Canada’s exact target market. Over 2 million bookmarks and due date receipts were directly handed to Canadian families.

Libraries reported that patrons had a great appreciation for the timely reminder thar emergency preparedness is very important and is not to be taken lightly. They noted that it’s a message that bears repeating because most people take the attitude that it won’t happen or they find it easier to be in denial.

Patrons noted that the bookmark served as important reminder to prepare an emergency kit, that they would bring it home and keep it in view as a reminder for the future ; something they are unable to do with other forms of media.

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