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In our hyper-connected, technology focused world, it would seem as if libraries wouldn’t be seen as a valuable resource. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to research from the Library and Book Trade Almanac, Canadians borrow twice as many books from libraries than the total amount sold by bookstores. Given that bookstores outnumber libraries more than 3 to 1, this means the demand for books and other library services are only going up.

One of the most attractive features of many libraries is the access to the Internet. OCLC reports that 540 Canadian libraries that offer this service have had roughly 3.2 million Wi-Fi connections annually, giving library goers the ability to learn and interact with the world around them

Beyond borrowing books, movies, games, and music, library goers are participating in community-driven events, job and career training and personal projects. Each month, small business owners and employees use library resources more than 76,000 times for their needs. The Canadian Urban Libraries Council reports that public libraries host programs for 4,184,000 people each year, including 2,964,000 children. Whether you’re planning on advertising to new Canadians, families, or any other major demographic, you’ll find them at libraries across the country.

See what some library patrons have said below: 

Young Family

“The library is important because it gives us the resources to expose our children to many types of books and movies. We also attend the Make a Space program regularly.” - Young Family


“I go to the library to attend their senior internet training sessions. I also take out their audio books and CD’s and because I am visually impaired, I use their large print collection.” - Senior


“My family and I have accessed the public library English language learning program. We are regular users. They also have books in our native language which I share with my children.” - Newcomer to Canada

Indigenous Communities

“I go to the library in my community to discover what programs and services are available to me that provide financial assistance for skill development and job resources.” - Indigenous Youth


“The staff saw me and wanted to help. You’re not alone or left behind. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the services at my public library.” - Outreach Patron

Job Seekers

“I use public libraries all the time for employment issues. They have resources on job hunting, resume writing, cover letter preparation, career preparation, college/university programs, etc. They also have free Internet access and computers to do job searches, submit online resumes.” - Job Seeker

How it Works:

1. After speaking with you to get a better understanding of your goals, WC Media will request all of the necessary creative components from you (design, message, etc).

2. WC Media will then reach out to each library region and request approval for the campaign. We will also work with them to sign a distribution agreement that will outline the terms of the campaign such as length and how many bookmarks and automated due date receipts will be sent out.

3. If approved, your bookmarks and / or due date receipts will be created and sent out to the libraries. Once received, your products will be placed at checkout counters for the duration of your campaign. If there are some extra bookmarks or automated due date receipts left, they will be used until the library runs out.

4. If you would like to see the data of the campaign, WC Media may request the necessary information from the libraries and send it to you.

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