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While ebooks and other digital formats are a popular option for many Canadians, there’s something special about holding a physical book. According to Booknet, e-books only accounted for 16.8% of total book sales in 2016, while paperbacks and hardcover books made up 54.2% and 23.9%, respectively. Canadians prefer using actual books to learn and entertain themselves, it seems like this isn’t going to change in the future.

Each month, our network is responsible for distributing 2 million dual bookmarks and 6 million Automated Due Date Receipts. If you were to connect each bookmark together, it would be longer than the distance between Edmonton and Calgary

Automated Due Date Receipts

The other side of your receipts doesn’t have to be a boring, blank space. Using your creative designs and messaging, we’ll work with libraries to get your ad on the back of those slips. Everytime someone prints out their due date receipts, they’ll be reminded of your organization. Like our bookmarks, our dual date receipts are also printed using FSC certified printers and vegetable based inks.

For a better understanding of how our Automated Due Date Receipts work, take a look at our previous campaign with the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club.

Dual Bookmarks

Printed using FSC certified printers and vegetable based inks, our bookmarks are sure to catch your eye. Depending on the needs of the library (they have the option to use one side for their own messaging), we can feature your message on either both sides or a single side. If your target market happens to speak French and/or lives in a French speaking community, we can customize the bookmark so that both of Canada’s national languages are featured.

The bookmarks are often held on to long after the campaign is complete, so your message will get even more exposure when compared to other forms of advertisements like newspaper and billboards.


Thanks to Wild Cards’ postcards, you’ll always have the opportunity to create stunning promotional materials that can easily be distributed in person. Many of our past postcard campaigns have been successful in high traffic areas such as, restaurants, galleries, clinics, hospitals, physicians offices.


Posters can clearly and creatively spread your audience amongst your specific audience. Depending on who you plan on targeting, we can work with our various networks and feature your message in busy, high traffic areas such as recreational centres and post secondary institutions.

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