Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Days (Manitoba Division)

Raise awareness of the Daffodil pin, encourage volunteerism and increase donation to the Canadian Cancer Society


Daffodil Days is a nation-wide springtime event that encourages people to support the Canadian Cancer Society’s goal of eliminating cancer while improving the lives of those with the disease. The non-profit’s Manitoba division faces roughly 6,500 families that will experience a cancer diagnosis this year. Daffodils are a symbol of hope and renewal and a fundraising tradition for the 80 year old institution. Participants are asked to make a difference in the community by volunteering, donating, or purchasing a bunch of beautiful flowers, the proceeds of which go towards funding cancer research.


Wild Cards was tasked with tapping into various communities across Manitoba using local libraries. Through the use of due date receipts and bookmarks, female Manitobans, the primary target for this campaign, would be exposed to the Daffodil pin and consider volunteering, and/or make a contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society.


Wild Cards was responsible for printing and distributing due date receipts and bookmarks to library goers throughout Manitoba. Two weeks after the campaign, library users participated in a voluntary survey in which they were asked their familiarity of the campaign. The survey resulted in an 89% recall.


Awareness of Daffodil Days in Manitoba increased by 12% from 65% pre-campaign to 77% post-campaign, better than the national average. Awareness of the Daffodil Pin increased from 40% pre-campaign to 65% post-campaign.


Canadian Cancer Society Manitoba Division

"The division set out to measure if using bookmakers/due date receipts contributed to Daffodil Month goals. In keeping with the scope of the program’s cost, the division developed a voluntary survey that was made available to patrons at library checkouts for the two weeks following the campaign. The timing of this exercise was intended to coincide with the return period for most people who checked a book out of the library in April."

"The results demonstrate a high level of engagement with 89% recalling that they received a Daffodil Month bookmark or due date receipt in the library."

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